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Germany Culture

The different faces of culture in Germany
The culture in Germany has evolved over centuries, is extremely versatile and makes Germany more than a popular destination all year round.
No matter what type of entertainment you love, you'll definitely have a great time. The repertoire of possible activities is endless but there are a few highlights, such as Octoberfest, wine and rock festivals, Christmas markets and medieval spectacle, which you should not miss.

Fans of classical music are of magnificent opera houses or be impressed with the special atmosphere of open-air screening, such as museums attract people of all ages with themes of history, dinosaurs, toys and art and visitors can even be active themselves.
Anyway, after all this time full of fun and action, it is always a good idea to enjoy a pure culture in Germany - you find a lovely beer garden or cozy cafe and relax with a good book - in the land of poets, thinkers and philosophers .
Museums & Galleries
Countless museums for all ages, exhibitions and galleries have been widely disseminated in Germany and lead visitors into the world of arts, inventions, and history while they provide lots of entertainment. Have a look at themselves once the museum culture in Germany.

Poet and thinker
German literature includes not only classics like Goethe and Schiller - You think of Nobel Prize winners such as Hesse, Mann, Grass, Boll and other famous writers and thinkers such as Brecht, Marx and Nietzsche, who have attained with their critical and philosophical works of international renown. You Erlesen, the literary culture in Germany.

Classic Entertainment
Theater and opera houses offer performances such as classical concerts, operas, plays and ballets in almost every town. Enjoy famous German masterpieces of Beethoven, Bach, Handel and Wagner! Discover the traditional culture in Germany.
Music Scene
Germany's music scene comes alive through its vibrant night life in clubs and lounges, has produced and techno DJ Paul Van Dyk or the band Rammstein. Jazz festival and the parade could attract thousands spellbound. They gentleness hath the musical culture in Germany.

Arts and Culture Germany - more than museums. If you are traveling in Germany, you'll soon discover that art and culture in this country extremely versatile and the offer is endless. Germany is and has always been renowned for its arts and culture. There are almost every conceivable topic to a suitable museum, be it ever so small.

Arts and Culture in Germany, especially in Dresden with its numerous museums and the Semper Opera House is a real treasure of art and culture
More than 6000 museums in Germany to document its history in many facets, showing inventions or invite you to try yourself and touch.

The range of famous art and cultural exhibitions and galleries is big and the topics as well, ranging from impressive collections of photography to paintings. Fans of art and culture in Germany get their costs, especially if you want to have a nice evening treat at the theater or the opera. Thus, only a selection of Berlin as early as at 150 theaters, and three operas, while Dresden has to offer perhaps the most impressive and most beautiful opera house in the world.

The art and culture in Germany - a special magnet for tourists from around the world and highly appreciated.

DDR Museum Berlin - exhibition
DDR Museum Berlin - the Living The DDR Museum offers daily life of a former state to touch. The Exhibits are aufbewarht not only in glass cabinets.

Green Vault Dresden
Saxony - Dresden
Exhibition Dresden - Dresden Green Vault
As one of the richest treasuries of Europe, the Green Vault in Dresden enjoys a worldwide reputation.

Luther House Eisenach EUR 2
Thuringia - Eisenach
Exhibitions Eisenach - Luther House Eisenach
The visitors to the Luther House is a fascinating journey through the life of Martin Luther and the history of eva ...

Craftsmen Nuremberg

Bavaria - Nuremberg
Exhibitions Nuremberg - Nuremberg Craftsmen
Kulturoase tourist attraction in the heart of Nuremberg

Exhibitions Pasinger Factory Munich
Bavaria - Munich
Exhibitions Munich - Exhibitions Pasinger Factory
This culture factory is located directly on Pasinger station. It is a home to many cultural disciplines!

Panometer Leipzig
Saxony - Leipzig
Exhibition Leipzig - Leipzig Panometer
Experiencing a visual journey into the Roman antiquity - the Panorama project "Rome 312" makes this wish come true ...

museum FLUXUS + - Exhibitions
Brandenburg - Potsdam
Exhibitions Potsdam - Potsdam museum FLUXUS +

museum FLUXUS + - Exhibitions
Berlin - Berlin
Berlin exhibition - museum FLUXUS + Potsdam

Architecture Gallery Cologne
North Rhine-Westphalia - Cologne
Gallery Cologne - Cologne architecture gallery
The spectrum of architecture gallery now includes a wide, but decided program international contemporary ...

Gallery zone B Berlin
Berlin - Berlin
Galerie Berlin - Gallery B zone
Gallery zone B devotes its activities uncompromising positions in contemporary art.

Photography, media, ...
FLUXUS + museum - Galleries
Brandenburg - Potsdam
Galerie Potsdam - Potsdam museum FLUXUS +


There are more than 6,000 museums, including private and public collections, castles and gardens are. One of the biggest and most famous museum facilities include the German Museum in Munich, the world's largest scientific-technical museum, the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg, with one of the greatest collections of art and culture of the pre-and immediate early history to the present. Berlin also is with the Museum and many important museums around the world a priority in the museum landscape.

DDR Museum Berlin
Berlin - Berlin
DDR Museum Berlin - the Living

The DDR Museum offers daily life of a former state to touch. Exhibits are not merely stored in glass cabinets.

Germanic National Museum Nuremberg EUR 6
Bavaria - Nuremberg
Museum Nuremberg - Germanisches Nationalmuseum
Explore the world of the Germanic National Museum and take a fascinating journey through the ages!

German Christmas Museum Rothenburg
Bavaria - Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Museum Rothenburg ob der Tauber - German Christmas Museum
Enjoy a true feast for the eyes and ears in our tradition committed Exhibition Others ...

Museum Weimar Haus EUR 6
Thuringia - Weimar
Museum Weimar - Weimar Haus
Welcome to our Museum Weimar Haus. Be inspired by our museum and walk with us on a journey ...

Crime Museum Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Bavaria - Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Museum Rothenburg ob der Tauber - Crime Museum
The most important jurisprudence of the Federal Republic Museum gives a comprehensive insight into the right events, the Ges ...

Natural History Museum Erfurt EUR 2
Thuringia - Erfurt
Museum Erfurt - Erfurt Museum of Natural History
Near the cathedral square in the old town of Erfurt became the Natural History Museum (founded in 1922) in a Waidspeicher of the year ...

Museum Berchtesgaden
Bavaria - Berchtesgaden
Berchtesgaden Museum - Museum Schloss Adelsheim
Collection Focus: Was the "Berchtesgaden, '" Hausin artisan crafts and products, mostly ...

German Hygiene Museum of Dresden

Saxony - Dresden
Museum of Dresden - Hygiene Museum of Dresden
The permanent exhibition of the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden, was opened in 2004 and 2005 in two stages.

Deutsches Museum in Munich
Bavaria - Munich
Museums Munich - Deutsches Museum in Munich
Collecting, preserving, exhibiting, documenting, and making the museum's main tasks facing the German Museum in M ...

German Bee Museum in Weimar
Thuringia - Weimar
Museum Weimar - Bee Museum in Weimar
With its extensive collection of Bienenkunde it is the oldest museum of its kind in Germany. The German Bee Museum i ...

Staatsoper Unter den Linden, Berlin
Berlin - Berlin
Oper Berlin - Staatsoper Unter den Linden
Who in the former "Royal Court Opera," an opera evening experience comes not only to enjoy a performance of the trad ...

Pasinger Munich Opera Factory
Bavaria - Munich
Exhibitions Munich - Exhibitions Pasinger Factory
For about ten years, the factory is Pasinger with one or two productions a year as the smallest Munich Opera ...

Tours Semper Opera Dresden
Saxony - Dresden
Opera Dresden - Semper Opera Dresden
The Dresden Semper Opera House is one of the most beautiful opera houses in the world - you may not have the time at one of the Aufführun ...

Alte Oper Frankfurt
Hesse - Frankfurt
Oper Frankfurt - Alte Oper Frankfurt
Since it was reopened on 28 August 1981, the Alte Oper of Frankfurt's cultural life have become indispensable. ...

Cabaret Fenugreek Wurzburg
Bavaria - Würzburg
Theater Würzburg - Würzburg Fenugreek Cabaret
Welcome to the cabaret fenugreek in Würzburg!

Theater Erfurt Waidspeicher EUR
Thuringia - Erfurt
Theater Erfurt - Erfurt Theater Waidspeicher
The theater Waidspeicher is a repertory theater with 4 to 5 productions for adults and some 10 productions for children ...

English Theater Berlin
Berlin - Berlin
Theater Berlin - English Theater Berlin
The English Theater Berlin is the center for English-language theater in the German capital and has prog ...

Puppet Sterntaler Leipzig
Saxony - Leipzig
Theater Leipzig - Puppet Sterntaler
Because it makes us happy to realize their own ideas in-house almost entirely with its own resources, there ...

Pasinger Factory Theater Munich

Bavaria - Munich
Theater Munich - Theater Pasinger Factory
This culture factory is located directly on Pasinger station. It is a home to many cultural disciplines!

Puppet Rothenburg on the Tauber
Bavaria - Rothenburg ob der Tauber
Theater Rothenburg - Puppet on gate
We let the puppets dance - in the puppet on the gate!

Puppetry frippery Berlin
Berlin - Berlin
Theater Berlin - Berlin frippery Puppet Theater
The Puppet frippery Berlin / Preuss Puppet Theater was founded in 1982 by Harald Preuss.

Cologne Art Theater
North Rhine-Westphalia - Cologne
Theater Cologne - Cologne Art Theater
The Cologne Art Theater is a children's and youth with a beautiful theater and cafe in Cologne-Ehrenfeld.

Theater salt and pepper Nuremberg
Bavaria - Nuremberg
Theater Nuremberg - Nuremberg Theater salt and pepper
Dear audience, thirsty does say some salt, pepper is the spice of the others say. Here we would like

Home Theater Frankfurt
Hesse - Frankfurt
Theater Frankfurt - Frankfurt Children and Young People
Welcome to the theater house, the children's theater in Frankfurt!

The German culture has, as long as Germany did not exist as a nation, for centuries, defined primarily on the common language. Only in the course of the 19 Century was increasingly based on the concept of culture and contributions of Germans within German territory. Therefore, many artists are in their time were not German in the modern sense, in their German identity, however, there are no doubts. Quite a few famous representatives of culture and science, however, were in their time in Germany itself primarily proscribed on political or religious reasons, some of them have been deprived of, or found themselves encouraged to emigrate - among them, for example, Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Heinrich Heine, Kurt Tucholsky, Bertolt Brecht, Thomas and Heinrich Mann, Albert Einstein, Hannah Arendt and many others.
Before 1871 was due to lack of opportunities to identify common political affiliation of the cultural, scientific heritage but also an important element of German national consciousness. From this period dates the term land of poets and thinkers, is still the patriotic use. At the beginning of the 20th Century, Germany was the world's leading scientific nation, culturally, such as in the film, one of the front seats occupied. After 1945, Germany had lost that status due to emigration and patent theft. The consequences are in some areas still being felt today.
The spread of German language and culture in the world to serve the Goethe Institutes around the world with 128 locations.
According to a poll for the BBC and Germany enjoy the highest reputation around the world under 22 surveyed countries. On average, 56 percent of respondents rate German influence as positive. 18 percent have a negative image.

Friedrich Nietzsche, 1882 (photograph by Gustav-Adolf Schultze)
One of the most influential German philosophers are Nicholas of Cusa, Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, Immanuel Kant, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Karl Marx, Arthur Schopenhauer, Friedrich Nietzsche and Martin Heidegger. Several important philosophical currents came from German philosophers: German idealism, like that of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels founded Marxism. In the 20th Century, especially the so-called Frankfurt School of Critical Theory by Theodor W. Adorno and Max Horkheimer significant. In its follow-Jürgen Habermas was one of the world's most famous living philosopher.


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
German literature dates back to emphasize in the Middle Ages, for example, Walther von der Vogelweide. As the most important German writers Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller are and the brothers Grimm, in the 20th Century, German Nobel Prize winner for literature, Theodor Mommsen (1902), Paul Heyse (1910), Gerhart Hauptmann (1912), Thomas Mann (1929), Hermann Hesse (1946), Heinrich Boll (1972) and Günter Grass (1999).

Classical Music

Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
The history of European music is dominated for long stretches of German composer who has often been developed. German composer of world renown, from the Baroque through the Classical and Romantic to the Modern are about George Frederick Handel, Johann Sebastian Bach, Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner, Johannes Brahms and Richard Strauss. Germany and Austria, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart claim for themselves.
The (flower) development of choral music in Germany, was interrupted by World War II and subsequently stopped dramatically. Only since the last decades of the 20th Century is in that direction again a boom of international importance take place.


Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528)
Major German Renaissance artists, among others Albrecht Altdorfer, Lucas Cranach the Elder, Matthias Grünewald, whose main work of the famous Isenheim altar by Hans Holbein the Younger and the most famous among them Albrecht Dürer. The most important Baroque masters are coming from Germany Cosmas Damian Asam and, born in Siegen, but emigrated to Antwerp, Peter Paul Rubens. Other artists of world renown are the Romantic Caspar David Friedrich, the surrealist Max Ernst, the expressionist Otto Dix, the conceptualist Joseph Beuys or the neo-expressionists Georg Baselitz.

Germany has a rich and diverse architectural history that is closely intertwined with the history of Western architecture of the neighboring countries. Basis was primarily the architecture of Roman times, has survived numerous buildings. Some Pre-romanesque architecture like the gatehouse Lorsch today still show the development of Romanesque architecture, which begins in the Holy Roman Empire around 1030th The Gothic style began in France, the first Gothic buildings in the Holy Roman Empire were built from about 1230, for example, the Church of Our Lady in Trier. By about 1520, the Renaissance came from the territory of modern Italy in the Holy Roman Empire, as an outstanding example is the Augsburg Town Hall. The baroque began in the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation only delayed (from 1650). Some examples are the works of Balthasar Neumann, the Wies Church and the Palace of Ludwigsburg. Around 1770, the style of classicism epoch begins. Prominent buildings are the Altes Museum in Berlin, the Charlottenhof and the Brandenburg Gate. Some of the most famous buildings in Germany were built in the style of historicism era (1840-1900), were cited as examples of Neuschwanstein Castle and the Cathedral.

Cultural and historical monuments

UNESCO lists 33 German contributions to world heritage, which are spread over 15 of the 16 German states (Hamburg, just does not Heritage): 31 world cultural and natural inherit 2. The list was opened with the Aachen Cathedral, 1978; recent newcomer was 2008, the Berlin Modernism Housing Estates. In addition, UNESCO is engaging with the Messel Pit and) the German Wadden Sea two World Heritage sites (see bar at the end of the chapter. To date, UNESCO passed a place in Germany from its list of world heritage sites - the Dresden Elbe Valley (World Heritage Status from 2004 to 2009) - due to the construction of the Waldschlößchenbrücke who saw the UNESCO as a threat to the landscape.

Particularly high attendance reaching cultural monuments, which give an idea of German Romanticism and do not necessarily have to be honored as world heritage. So are the castles of Neuschwanstein and Heidelberg, the Valhalla and the medieval towns of Rüdesheim on the Rhine and Rothenburg ob der Tauber, the world's famous tourist sites. Are enjoying increasing popularity as well as monuments and cityscapes from the time of the Industrial Revolution. Closed historic townscapes are found in major German cities today, barely, since the Second World War and the post-war reconstruction has irreparably damaged much of the cultural monuments. Small and medium-sized cities with largely closed historic old town pictures but are found in Germany is still quite common.

Social Services, Social
In Germany, the legal equality of the sexes is largely achieved. Germany also offers its residents a comparatively extensive legal rights to social security. For workers there is an obligation of membership in social security, which consists of five so-called pillars: health insurance, accident insurance, pension insurance, unemployment insurance and care insurance. This basic social security is generally funded by contributions from the insured, the deficits, however, offset by tax money.
Despite these social entitlements were in Germany in 2003 approximately 15 percent of children under 15 years and more than 19 percent of adolescents 16 to 24 years below the poverty line, with growing poverty among children in Germany according to UN figures, more than in most other industrialized countries. The number of functional illiterates in Germany is still depending on the differentiation method, between about 6.5 percent and more than 11 percent of the adult population.
The history of Social Security begins in the Empire. Subsequent governments have gradually extended and supplemented with additional social transfers, which is now a large part of the state budget used for social affairs.
The German health system is among the most highly developed of the world, which is reflected in the internationally very low rate of infant mortality, the high average life expectancy and the high percentage of successful operations. The average life expectancy in Germany in 2006 was 79 years. Infant mortality is about 5 in every 1000 births.
Germany has a pension system from charges. This means that each working people funded by their contributions, payments to the retirees. The current low birth rate and high unemployment are a problem for the pension scheme dar.
Due to the financial welfare of the basic insurance is guaranteed.
Besides the state-organized transfers between citizens, there are domestic transfers. With the federal fiscal equalization with high tax revenues are required to leave a portion of their revenue to disadvantaged countries to go to living conditions in Germany not too far apart. Through the income tax levied on the solidarity of the new states created the division of burdens should be eased.


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