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Federal Germany

Germany belongs to the continent of Europe, the capital is Berlin. The currency is the euro, national language is German. Germany has about 82.5 million people, live it, on average, 230.79 persons per Quadratkilometer.Geschichte of Germany: In the area of present-day Germany are the oldest evidence about 700,000 years old.

Karte Deutschland in Europa Berliner MAuer Mohnblumenfeld
For about half a million years if we start from permanent settlements. In the pre-Christian Celtic and Germanic tribes find the first mention. For the first time overall Germania is mentioned in 98 by the Roman writer Tacitus. Between the first and sixth centuries, the Germanic tribes are spread over Europe. Up until the high Middle Ages, large parts of present-day eastern Germany were characterized Slav.
Around 800, the Frankish empire arises, with Charlemagne, it has the first Western Emperor. Traditional is the 2nd February 962 as the founding date for the German state, on this day was the first East Frankish King Otto I crowned Emperor. Under Napoleon, lost in the 19 Century, many imperial cities of their independence, the German states were significantly reduced by merging. Under the leadership of Austria 38 German states formed a loose German Confederation. In 1866 the Prussians decided the German war itself, it came to the dissolution of the German Confederation. After the German-French war in 1870 / 71, the German Empire was founded. First Emperor Wilhelm I was with the end of World War ended with the November Revolution of 1918, the monarchy in the German Reich. The emperor abdicated, the German Empire became a parliamentary democratic republic.

The so-called Weimar Republic ended in 1933 by the rise of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. It quickly became a one-party from Germany. People were persecuted, instigated the Second World War. The war was lost, Germany was by the United States, Soviet Union, Britain and later France for occupation.

On 23 May 1949 was on 23 Founded in May 1949 in three western zones of occupation, on 7 October 1949 the GDR in the Soviet zone of occupation. The German Empire was divided into two new states. With the fall of the Iron Curtain in Central Europe, opened on 3 October 1990, the border between the FRG and the GDR. Through the "reunification" became the new Federal Republic once again its full sovereignty. Current is Chancellor Angela Merkel, the Federal President Horst Köhler called. 1972 were held in Munich, the Olympic Games. Germany was also the organizer of the soccer World Cup 2006, which had been thoroughly overhauled, many hotels in Germany during the Soccer World Cup cities.

Germany Info:

Area: 357027 km ²
Population: ~ 82.5 million
Capital: Berlin
16 states with government, parliament and constitution.
Democratic-parliamentary federal state since 1949. The Free State of Bavaria is the geographically the largest state in Germany.

16 countries, which emerged from more than twice as many wealthy king, princes and Mini owner residences - German is a rich agricultural history of the country. His landscapes draw a picture of diversity: sandy beaches along the North and Baltic Sea, flows from euro European dimension, and finally in the south the snow-capped Alps.

Bundesland Haupstadt H/km²
Schleswig-Holstein Kiel 180
Hamburg Hamburg 2317
Mecklenburg Vorpommern Schwerin 73
Bremen Bremen 1642
Niedersachsen Hannover 168
Sachsen Anhalt Magdeburg 120
Berlin Berlin 3812
Brandenburg Potsdam 87
Nordrhein Westpfalen Düsseldorf 529
Sachsen Dresden 231
Thüringen Erfurt 144
Hessen Wiesbaden 288
Rheinland-Pfalz Mainz 204
Saarland Sarrebrücken 407
Bayern München 177
Baden-Wurtemberg Stuttgart 300

The municipalities are the smallest self-government of the political territorial organization. They are exempted from most county-level cities, organized in community associations. The municipalities are subject to the respective municipal law of one of 16 states and are therefore not equal to organize nationwide. Only the town as an administrative seat of a county can be found nationwide. The local unit of Berlin and Hamburg are both as city-states and provinces.

Destination Germany

Baden Würtenberg

The state of Baden Wuerttemberg and the state capital Stuttgart is located in southwestern Germany. Extraordinary historical, cultural and scenic diversity meets modern industry. Beautiful landscapes, culture and traditions, vibrant cities, attractive sights, a wide variety of leisure and sports, the warm hospitality of the people and excellent restaurants make a holiday in Baden-Württemberg an unforgettable experience


In the south of Germany presented the state of Bavaria, with its state capital of Munich in bilderbuchartiger, natural beauty. An intact nature, clean air, cultural richness and the Bavarian proverbial pace of life are his trademark. A paradise for those seeking relaxation and leisure sports are the many crystal clear lakes, national parks and numerous nature reserves and landscape. Whether folklore or Opera Festival - the medieval castles and villages, magnificent palaces and Baroque churches alongside the Bavarian cities provide the perfect backdrop for this purpose. Tradition and modernity in harmony.


Who does not know the Brandenburg Gate with Quadriga, the Victory Column, or the Charlottenburg castle? The bustling metropolis is not easy to get to the point: "Berlin is in many cities," In an area as big as Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt am Main together, the Berlin experience a variety of very different-influenced urban neighborhoods, centers and districts. Berlin is a cosmopolitan city with a troubled past.


The federal state of Brandenburg and the state capital Potsdam is located in eastern Germany around the bustling metropolis of Berlin. Countless crystal clear lakes and waterways, vast open spaces, green avenues, orchards and unspoiled nature, rare flora and fauna characterize this region. In the sleepy villages and cultural history has been written here. The former garrison town of Potsdam changed in the last 300 years one of the most splendid capitals of Europe.


Bremen and Bremerhaven, together form the smallest of the sixteen states of Germany. Its official name is Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. Bremen has a long tradition and proud history, which was largely determined by the pursuit of political and economic autonomy. San Marino is the oldest still existing city-state of the world.


Hamburg is the second largest German city, the main seaport in Germany and its largest foreign place. Founded at the time of Charlemagne around 811 Hamburg was once one of the great Hanseatic cities and has its importance over the centuries until today can claim. Here the world meets. Her elegance shows the city on the Elbe in the merchant palaces on the shopping boulevards and in the temples of culture in international musicals, exclusive shopping malls and the world famous entertainment district St. Pauli.


The state of Hesse and the state capital Wiesbaden, extends from the Sauerland in the north to the Odenwald forest in the south and from the Rhön Taunus in the east to the west. Hesse is an adventure land of the highest class. It offers natural landscapes of forests over the heath to moorland and attractive lakes and rivers. Great testimony of history as the Germans and Romans and the Middle Ages are here. Hesse lies at the intersection of main roads and has the airport Frankfurt / Main, a hub of international air transport. For fitness to ensure the many spas and health resorts of Hesse.

Mecklenburg - Western Pomerania

The federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the state capital Schwerin presents itself in the northeast of Germany with the largest contiguous water area of Central Europe. Across Mecklenburg, ranging from the northwest to the southeast, from Wismar to the Feldberg Lakes to the eastern Brandenburg, runs the terminal moraine of the last Ice Age. In this charming landscape meadows and fields with large patches of forest and lake scenery alternate.

Lower Saxony

The state of Lower Saxony with the City of Hannover is located in the attractive region between the Ems and Elbe rivers in east-west direction, the oceanic climate of the North Sea and the peaks of the Harz Mountains in north-south direction. Lined up like pearls on a string, the seven East Frisian islands in the southern North Sea off the mainland. Each island is recognized as a North Sea spa charmed by its unique character, both as a health spa as well as a holiday island.

North Rhine-Westphalia

North Rhine-Westphalia and the state capital Duesseldorf, is the most populous state in Germany. It is not just a major industrial country, an important international business center and modern technology, but also cultural and media land. Iron and steel industry, Thyssen and Krupp - here was written once the economic success story of Germany and given thousands of jobs and prosperity. The Ruhr region - a former German center of the mining industry shines today as a cultural landscape. In transformed industrial arts and culture, recreational and entertainment have found a new home.

Rheinland - Pfalz

Rhineland-Palatinate, located in western Germany and is an old European cultural landscape, in the middle of the Rhenish Slate Mountains. A diverse country, exciting and as varied as the people who live here. State capital is Mainz. The change between the idyllic river landscapes and natural resources mountains, historic cities and scenic spots, famous wine regions and romantic castles make the special charm of this region.


Located in the triangle Germany-France-Luxembourg is the smallest German state of Saarland today to bridge their European neighbors. The state capital of Saarbrücken, close to the Saar and the French border location provides the visitor with its surroundings and a varied history variegated picture. An exciting juxtaposition of contrasts gives this region an idiosyncratic charm. Namesake and the lifeline of the country is the Saar.


Saxony, with the "Florence on the Elbe," Dresden as the state capital is multifaceted: a landscape that looks "like a rough sea of earth." Big city flair and small-town romance, river valleys and mountain ranges, meadows and forests, castles, mansions and manor houses, arts and crafts, music, landscape and bar scene, industrial architecture and industrial heritage can be found here. The summit of nature is the Saxon Switzerland. Hardly any other region offers such a wealth of bizarre natural form in a confined space such as the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, with its romantic rocky world outside the gates of Dresden - and in the middle, cut deep, the river Elbe flows.

Saxony - Anhalt

Saxony-Anhalt and the state capital Magdeburg extends from the Altmark (also called "cradle of Prussia"), and the Magdeburg and the industrial areas around Halle and Bitterfeld up to the vineyards along the Saale and Unstrut, the most northern wine region of Germany. As the heartland of German history of this country an ideal destination for cultural and tourist cities, but also nature lovers and active holidaymakers has come at their expense


Where nature and culture are the most valuable treasures and lives the memory of Luther, Bach, Schiller and Goethe, as a travel destination entices Thuringia, with its varied landscape. Thuringia, with its state capital of Erfurt is located in the geographical center of Germany. Travel recreation in nature, to the imposing castles, unwind and relax with spa and wellness, as well as the experience of historical cities with their varied cultural offerings - that is what connects the visitor with Thuringia. His expectations are met in the Thuringian Forest, as well as in Eisenach and Erfurt, or in one of the many resorts in the country.

Schleswig - Holstein

In the north of Germany is the state of Schleswig-Holstein, the state capital of Kiel. Lively streets, romantic courtyards, market squares and harbor scenes here delight with timeless Scandinavian flair. Schleswig-Holstein offers for every age group, extreme, amateur athletes and health offers a variety of water and on land. As a "Children's Land" in the north of the country, with its child-friendly offerings and attractive leisure facilities ideal for families. In many seaside resorts and hotels along the North and Baltic Sea you can feel comfortable, relaxed and - and this is twofold. The harsh, bracing climate, sun, sand and seawater lift the mood and enhance the immune system! Oceans, coasts, water, landscapes, nature and national parks characterize the natural Schleswig-Holstein.


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