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Car Rental Germany

Here you will find a listing in Germany Nationally operating Car Rental.Other
Car rentals, we have in our city portal summarized. Select for information about a
This particular city from the list in our Cities portal.


Alamo Autovermietung

AVIS Autovermietung


Drive Europe

Europa Service Autovermietung

Europcar Autovermietung

HERTZ Autovermietung

holiday autos

Holiday Cars


Sunny Cars


Deutsche Reisemobil Vermietungs GmbH


HERTZ Campervans Australia/New Zealand


Limousine Travel Service

Sender Touristik

United Limousines

For general information on renting a vehicle.

The renter and the driver must hold a valid driving license.
Driver's licenses from non-EU countries (except Switzerland) are accepted if
a) no visa in the passport is registered.
b) the customer has a visa in the passport at the time of rental and not longer than 6 months in Europe. If it is longer than 6 months in Europe, it must have a license from an EU country will be presented.
Please bring your driver's license and identity card / passport for vehicle pick-up!

Age Requirements
In Germany, subject to minimum age and driving license for the following regulations:
18 years / 1 day for vehicles in groups to MCMR CWMR, ETMR
21 years / 2 years for vehicles in groups to IDMR LWAR, CTMR, ITMR, SSMR to LSMR, SFMR to FFMR,
25 years / 3 years for vehicles in groups XDAR, STMR, FTMR, PTMR, LTMR, XTMR, XTAR, XSMR, XSAR, PFMR, LFMR, XFAR, LSAN, LTAN.

The rules may vary from owner to owner and are used only as a guide.

Traffic rules Germany

In Germany, § 3 In accordance with traffic regulations, the following speed limits for cars:
built-up areas: 50 km / h,
except: 100 km / h) and
Speed limit on motorways: 130 km / h.
If the extra lanes for both directions are structurally separated, or are at least two lanes each direction and a line so far as the separation between the two directions, is no speed limit, but for cars without trailers, an indicative speed of 130 km / h.
For trucks, buses and vehicles with trailers are extra and special speed limits on motorways.
Appropriate signs an existing general speed limit down, can be amended but also upward. This is urban speed limits greater than 50 km / h, except on roads with one lane each direction over 100 km / h. In Germany, such an increased speed limit in the case of urban conditions apply to all vehicles, so for example, for load power trains.
While differing speed limits on motorways in Europe and some extra is well, limiting urban conditions almost everywhere at 50 km / h. Exceptions being Serbia, Ukraine and Lithuania, where 60 km / h shall apply, as well as in Poland between 23:00 and 05:00 clock. Slovakia dropped in February 2009 the hitherto existing urban speed limit of 60km / h to 50 km / h.

Speed limits encountered many road users with little acceptance. So driving with illegally high speeds in many statistics as the most common or second most common cause is listed for fatal accidents.
To ensure the observance of speed limits and the identification and prosecution of violations will be conducted in the context of traffic controls. These now often use tools such as radar, laser guns or section control. In many countries, such investigations are carried out by the police. To provide the educational effect to the punishment to the forefront and speed display devices are set to indicate the speed of the motorist


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